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Paste JS, CSS, HTML or XML Code to unminify/format

Best HTML XML Formatter, Unminify JS CSS Code Online

This is an online JavaScript css unminify and html xml format or beautify tool. After minify any js css html or xml file the compressed or encoded code may ugly to look at and sometimes you must need a good web tool to unpack all of them properly. Unminify.org is one of the best website to convert your code instantly and make it more readable again. Please share this tool.
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How to unminify js, css, html, xml online

Video guideline to unminify js, css, html and xml online

This is a video guideline to unminify your html, css, js and xml code. If you want to uncompress or format code, you need to paste all of the compressed code in the editor and hit on the unminify button to get your formatted code instantly. This tool is working for your minified javaScript, css, xml and html code to unminfy them. To know more please watch this video.

Why need to minify and unminify code online ?

There are many benefits to minify your css or js code before uploading in the real server. It must reduce the file loading time from the browser. But if you want to work with that file again you need to unminify the file. Because it is very hard to edit any minified js or css file. There are many free tools online to convert your code but all of them are not follow the same mechanism. Some of them highlight the syntax which may be attractive but may not be 100% satisfactory for you. This website will help you perfectly to get back your formatted javaScript, HTML, CSS or XML code again.